Quest Series



For 50 years, Shad Meshad has been working relentlessly with Veterans, helping to reintegrate them back into civilian life. He has personally assisted over 100,000 Veterans…and counting. Rocky Bleier had first been drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers then he was drafted by the US Army. Despite a serious leg injury Rocky set his mind on recovery and rejoining the Steelers – winning four Super Bowl Championships. On Shilo Harris’ 2nd deployment his armored vehicle was struck by an IED. Shilo survived but with severe third degree burns on 35% of his body. He is a testament to the strength of the human spirit. James “Sneaky” White was one of the most decorated war fighters of Vietnam. Back on native soil, Sneaky killed the man who raped his wife. Sneaky was sentenced to life without parole. In prison he started his own educational platform where 1,500 inmates earned their Associates Degree through Sneaky’s platform.