Quest Series



There are two very powerful images from the battle of Iwo Jima: one is the American flag being raised at Mount Suribachi and the other one is of the American flamethrower. Roger to sits face to face with Woody “Hershel” Williams, the Medal of Honor Recipient who was the actual flamethrower from Iwo Jima!. Roger and fellow Pararescueman Jimmy Settle visit the Korean and Vietnam War memorials in Washington DC to pay their respects. They go to the National Guard museum to see Roger’s flack jacket and hoist cable from Operation Bulldog Bite on display. Roger received the Silver Star for selflessly saving 5 lives and returning 4 soldiers who were killed on the battlefield. He visits with his mother Ann, and sister Tracy in the house where he grew in Fort Worth, Texas before returning home to Alaska and his wife Jennifer. Our audience learns that Roger’s special needs son Oz, has been making his own behind-the-scenes film called the “Oz Reports”. This “quest” is just the beginning for Roger’s pursuit of optimum health.